Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conductors vs. Insulators

Conductors are materials that allows things to pass through it much easier from one place to another. They tend to hold their outer electrons very loosely. Insulators are materials that don't allow things to pass through it easily they hold their electrons very tightly to the nucleus while the electrons move around freely

Electromagnetic vs. Grav. Force

Gravitational forces never cancel out because it only attracts. The Gravitational force dominates over the electromagnetic force even though it weaker than it. The force of electrticity is 10^26 bigger than gravity. Electrical forces sometimes balance over larger distances because most of the objects have the same number protons and electrons.

Conservation of charge

Conservation of charge means that and electric charge can neither be created or destroyed. This is made up from the conservation laws which include the conservation of linear momentum, the conservation of angular momentum and ofcourse the conservation of charge.

3 ways to charge an object

There are three different ways you can charger an object and i will explain to you each of them. The first way you can charge an object is by Friction and Contact. Friction is when the electrons are transferred when one object rubs against another. Contact is when electrons transfer from one material to another by simply touching it.The second way you can charge an object is by Induction. Induction is when a charged object is brought near another and it will influence the electrons in the other object. The third way you can charge an object is Polarization. Polarization is when a charged object influences the particles in another object so there is a positive side and a negative side making the molecules become polarized.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is Elecctrostatics

Electrostatics is a very interesting topic, it deals with static electricity and is basically electricity at rest or non flowing. Electrostatic force is the attraction between the nucleus and the electron and it holds the electron in orbit. It also is the physical reaction that holds together the electromagnetic field.